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Effective marketing is the key to selling your home quickly and getting the highest price. Aggressive, effective marketing of my Client's homes by every available medium is how I've become a top real estate agent in the Baltimore area. It's my job to assure that you get as many qualified offers as possible, allowing you to extract the highest price the market will bear.

One of the most important elements of marketing your home effectively is setting the price right. Set the price too high, and you won't get any offers and your home will take too long to sell. Set it too low and you cheat yourself by not getting your home's full, fair value. As an expert in Baltimore area real estate, I analyze the market and set area home prices every single day. I'll work closely with you to assure that everything possible is done to get the highest price, in the time frame you need.

The condition and appearance of your home are also critical factors in getting the best price for your home. We feel that this is so important, especially in this challenging market, that we have a working agreement with Emily Brown an Interior Decorator.  Face it, we all decorate our homes to our taste and we should, while WE are living there, but once you make the decision to move then you really should start thinking "this is no longer our home".  This is hard to do but if you can do it, it helps take out the emotional aspect of selling.  Emily will come to your home and make suggestions to you that will give your home the broadest appeal to Buyers.  You want Buyers to be able to picture themselves in your home with their "stuff".  As a trained Interior Decorator Emily can help you get to that point.  Her fee is $100 which you will pay up front and that will be reimbursed to you at settlement (providing a member of the MILLER TEAM is the agent for you at settlement).  Some areas are much more important and more likely to pay off than others! Often, the buyer is motivated by emotional responses as much or more than financial issues. There are usually things I can point out to you that are easy and inexpensive, yet go a long way toward triggering those "buy" emotions.

As your agent, I'll negotiate furiously on your behalf throughout the entire process to ensure that your best interests are protected. Real estate negotiations and contracts can be intimidating in their complexity. Most people have almost no experience in these negotiations. After all, how often do you buy or sell a new house? As a top real estate professional, getting you the best terms and prices in all negotiations is simply part of my job.


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